Workshop – Manage Less, Coach More!

Do you struggle with:
Getting your team to focus on the top ten sales behaviors?
Identifying the key performance indicators for each of those behaviors?
Applying band-aids to fix your salespeople’s qualifying-the-opportunity challenges?
Giving answers versus seeking to understand your salespeople’s roadblocks?

Top reasons to start coaching NOW:
• Effective time management. Coaching develops proficiency and time competency in salespeople.

• Retention of top talent. Coaching is a sign of corporate investment and support.

• Job satisfaction. Coaching is critical to a salesperson’s career development.

• Employee development. Coaching builds confidence and self-worth to drive meaningful, lasting growth.

• Trust and commitment. Coaching strengthens the relationship between manager and salesperson and promotes accountability.

High-performing companies build coaching into their culture. Join us as Don Overcash shows us how effective coaching promotes change of average employees into remarkable sales superstars!

INVESTMENT: $69 Includes refreshments and seminar materials

Date: Friday, March 23rd
Time: 8:00am to 10:00am
Company: Sandler Training
Location: Sandler Training (Chase Bank building) 200 E. 7th Street Suite 200 Loveland CO 80537

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