Wolfpack Ninja Day (competition)

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NEXT EVENT: MAY 14th @ Miramont North in Fort Collins, CO – CLICK HERE to register now and find out more!

Join the Wolfpack Ninjas for a fun day of athleticism, health & fun for the whole family! The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is dedicated to getting you and your family healthy through the super fun sport of obstacle running. As seen on NBC’s hit summer TV show, American Ninja Warrior, The Wolfpack Ninja Tour is dedicated to fun, challenge and crushing obstacles!

The Day will include:

Clinics by the wolves on completing obstacles and the mental side of training/reaching your Wolfpack Ninja Tourgoals
Multiple obstacles to try multiple times
An obstacle course to test your skills on.
Wolfpack Ninja merchandise for sale; signed by the Wolfpack Ninjas!
Watch local pros from American Ninja Warrior compete for prizes!
Tons of gear giveaways from event sponsors!
Health education about eating right and exercise.
MC’d by the Ninjadoc, Noah Kaufman, MD
Food Truck
Raffle for amazing Ninja Gear and sponsor gear
This is our 4th event and the phenomenon is growing! Did you ever want to try American Ninja Warrior style obstacles and learn from the pros? The Wolfpack Ninjas are here to help your family have fun and learn in a super positive and educational environment. With the Ninjadoc, Noah Kaufman, MD behind the mic as our MC, there are words of encouragement and education about health and fitness at every turn. Joined by his fellow wolves, there is plenty of time to talk with the Wolfpack Ninjas, get shirts & posters signed, and ask questions that the Wolves may use on their highly reviewed and FREE Wolfpack Ninja Podcast.

With gear giveaway, raffles, trivia and of course NINJA OBSTACLES for ALL ages, the Wolfpack Ninja Tour is sure to be a hit with your family.

There are 3 convenient time slots so it will be easy to fit into your plans. Come join the pack!

Date: Saturday, May 14th
Time: 9am-6pm
Company: Wolfpack Ltd
Location: Miramont North 1800 Heath Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80521

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