[Webinar] Buying or Selling a Business: The 9 Stages for All Transactions

Both buyers and sellers will benefit from understanding what lies ahead in the transaction of a business. While each sale has its unique twists and turns, most transactions will follow a similar 9 stage path, from initial exploration to final closing. This program will identify and outline those 9 stages for both buyer and seller to provide an understanding of, and confidence in, the upcoming experience.

While buyers and sellers have very different needs which must be aligned, the more that they share in an understanding of the process, the greater the chance for success in closing the transaction. To that end, the 9 steps of a business sale that we will cover are:

1. Initial Exploration
2. Listing & Market Prep
3. In the Market
4. Initial Due Diligence & Qualify
5. Receiving / Managing Offers
6. Extended Due Diligence
7. Purchase Agreement
8. Closing the Transaction
9. Post Closing

Date: Tuesday, February 15th
Time: 10:00am - 11:30am
Company: Larimer SBDC
Location: Online

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