Virtual Tour: Demonstration Gardens of Northern Colorado

Bird-friendly gardens are a sight to see. By replacing sod with a diversity of locally adapted, bird-friendly plants, they add vibrance to communities while providing habitat for birds and other wildlife. If you’re considering planting your own bird-friendly garden or looking for ways to spruce up an existing one, it can be helpful to see gardens that other people have created. For that reason, Audubon Rockies has worked with businesses, municipalities, and HOAs to create publicly accessible demonstration gardens.

How do these gardens look after several growing seasons? Join us for a virtual tour of the gardens to see how they currently look, and to learn about the project partners and plants selected for the space.

Cost: Free

Participants are welcome to register and attend one or more virtual tour dates.

Sponsored by Larimer County Open Space Sales Tax Dollars.

Event info and registration:

Date: Thursday, August 12th
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Company: Audubon Rockies
Location: Virtual, Zoom

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