Using Soil Testing as a Landscape Management Tool

For all components of your landscape (veggie garden, tree and shrub areas, lawn, and perennial ornamental garden areas) a soil test is the best way to check the growing potential of your soil. Learn how to interpret a soil test report and how to use the data for making management decisions that promote the health of your landscape plants.

Presented by Dr. Jean Reeder
Dr. Reeder worked 30 years for the USDA Agricultural Research Service as a soil scientist conducting research studies on the properties of soils in Colorado and Wyoming. Since retiring, she works as a consultant for the CSU Soil Testing Lab, and as a soils instructor for the Colorado Master Gardener Program and the Denver Botanic Gardens Rocky Mountain Gardening certification program.

Date: Saturday, January 20th
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Company: Fort Collins Nursery
Location: Fort Collins Nursery - 2121 E. Mulberry St., Fort Collins, CO 80524

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