Tuesday Talent Series: Intercept the Future and Grow Your Business

Winter Tuesday Talent Series:
Intercept the Future and Grow Your Business

Session Presenters: 

Bill Welter, a consulting-educator with over 50 years of experience spanning four separate careers: military (USMC), engineering, business consulting, and education.

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Tuesday, February 20
Online Presentation


Session Description:

What did Apple or Netflix or Airbnb or Amazon see and do that led to their growth?

Now, flip the coin over. What did Blockbuster, Nokia, Toys-R-Us, and Polaroid not do?

How do these stories apply to small business growth? We’ll review a four-step process you can and should use to keep your business moving “fast enough” to intercept your future.


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About the Talent Series:

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce launched the Talent Series in 2022 to compliment the Talent Summit and expand the knowledge around workforce issues. Each seasonal cohort of the series includes presentations from experts in the field on timely topics. The Talent Series aims to provide more in-depth presentations, hands-on learning, and opportunities to continue and support employers in attracting and retaining the talent they need. You can find all upcoming presentations, along with resources and past recordings here.

If you have any questions, comments or other ideas, please contact Yvonne Myers, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at [email protected].

Date: Tuesday, February 20th
Location: zoom

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