Business of the Month with The Place Setting Company

Business of the Month with The Place Setting Company
9:00-10:00 AM
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Pour Brothers Community Tavern, 220 Linden St.

The Business of the Month awards members who have been with the Chamber for over ten years and are nominated by the Chamber Board of Directors, Chamber Staff, and the Red Carpet Committee to receive this honor. This month we will be honoring and celebrating with The Place Setting Company!

The Place Setting Company is your resource for discovering the perfect people, places, and programming to make your event successful. From selecting relevant topics for workshops and presentations to finding the speakers, entertainment, and venues that best fit your function, we’re the team that takes your event experience from high-stress to effortless.  They are the Directors of Details.

If you are interested in the Red Carpet Committee or hosting a Red Carpet Reception for your business, please contact Chad Beane, Member Engagement Coordinator, at [email protected] or by calling 970-482-3746.

Date: Tuesday, April 18th
Time: 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM
Location: 220 Linden St.

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