“The Christians” Presented by OpenStage Theatre

The second etcetera show in OpenStage’s 49th Season, The Christians, is a rare play about religion that both believers and nonbelievers can embrace. Though audiences may be skeptical about the title and venue, OpenStage guarantees that this is not a sermon. Instead, this is a compassionate nuanced look at beliefs in America—and the trouble with changing your mind. Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul’s church was a modest storefront. Now it’s a gleaming megachurch. Paul is about to deliver a sermon that will shake the foundation of his parish to its core. Certainty and doubt come to a head as his stunning revelation just may convert his congregation of thousands into a congregation of one. Structured as a Sunday service with the audience sitting in the pews, The Christians is a play that delves deep into the theology of modern Christianity and the personal experiences that shape the beliefs for each individual. The show features only five actors playing at Christ United Methodist Church on Drake Road in Fort Collins.

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