Lunch n’ Learn: Let’s build the exact right team!

Lunch n’ Learn: Let’s build the exact right team!
Presented by Carl Dierschow, Small Fish Business Coaching
Tuesday, January 16, 2017  11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Fort Collins Area Chamber, 225 S. Meldrum St.


Do you want workers – or a team that’s going to deliver the business results that change the world?

It really doesn’t matter how smart and capable your people are if they don’t stay around! How do you attract, develop and keep great workers? There’s some great research on this topic, and it can guide you to some powerful decisions.

We’ll explore how to make YOUR business into the one which effectively communicates its mission, attracts those people who are passionately dedicated, and develops employees into top performing teams.  Learn how to create the “employee value proposition” which will attract and retain the right workers and build a powerful company culture which develops and sustains your people.

Registration due by NOON on Monday, January 15.  $15/Members, $20/Non-Members

Special thanks to our 2018 Lunch n’ Learn Sponsor:

Date: Tuesday, January 16th
Location: 225 S. Meldrum St.

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