Live Electronic Music

Live electronic music in the Big Theater 7-10pm
Doors at 6:30pm
Tickets $10

Coalescing field recordings, modular synths, & analog tape loops into an unencumbered sonic journey.

IHTKWTSBTID (Ihavetokeepwashingthisstupidbodytillidie)
ihtkwtsbtid is the creative moniker for Nathan Acevedo. Sound explorer, video brained, Florida raised, diy or die. His dog beans is deaf. This is his fourth show as a Fort Collins resident. For more see

My name is Matt and I play ambient and electronic music under the name Rayonism. Using a eurorack synthesizer, effect pedals, tape machines, woodwinds, and other analog and digital ephemera I realize material ranging from noise to dance music.

Olklore is a sincere synthesist inspired by nature, heavy metal, and obsolete technologies. He lives in Livermore, Colorado.

Taylor Blythe
Taylor Blythe is an electronic musician and singer-songwriter. His background includes being a touring bassist and guitarist in pop and metal acts and working as a sound designer and music composer for various short films and commercials. He now releases solo material under the stage name Tascendo.

The Rabbit
The Rabbit is a digital artist and electronic music producer. Inspired by vintage video games, grungy punk rock sounds, and industrial techno. Prepare to be punched in the face with pure sonic insanity that will make you want to head bang and dance your socks off at the same time. Enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole. Follow the rabbit…

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