Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Fun Conversational Spanish  Level – Intermediate
This course is for Intermediate students of Spanish.

The curriculum will be dependent on the class participants but may include the following:

  • Expanding conversation in the present and past tenses
  • Increasing vocabulary in specific areas
  • Improving listening skills and speaking confidence

The emphasis of this course is on communication and interaction using spoken Spanish. Class is taught by an experienced native Spanish teacher. Assigned teacher is not guaranteed and may change without notice.

  • Class meets weekly on Wednesdays for 1.5 hours each
  • Course term is 16 weeks
  • Phone, or in-person assessment required to join this course (if you are a new student at the Language Lounge)

Tuition: $459.00 for 16 class periods (24 hours of total instruction). Binder and all materials included.

Minimum 4 students for the course to proceed as scheduled.

Date: Wednesday, September 14th

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