Envision Young Professionals: Meet the CEO

Envision Young Professionals: Meet the CEO
Featuring Jay Feavel, Team Say Yes
May 31, 2017  5:00-6:00 p.m.
Austin’s American Grill, Harmony Rd.

Jay Feavel, co-owner of Team Say Yes with his partner Steve Dolan, owns and operates a 25 Store Dominos Pizza Franchise.  Jay is well known within the Dominos Franchisee system and recognized by Dominos Corporate as one of the outstanding franchisees in their system.  Jay has won the Golden Franny (an acknowledgement of the top franchisees in the system) numerous times.  He and his partner were honored as recently as last year by CEO J. Patrick Doyle with a special trip for the top franchisees in the system.

But Jay is also known for sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise with others throughout the system.  They never hesitate to invite other franchisees to experience their organization and to share their “secrets of success.”  They have a two-day program to share their systems with other franchisees.  They believe in “paying it forward” as others have helped them in the past.  They do this expecting nothing in return for their time and efforts.  They trust that if they can make the entire company stronger by sharing their systems and practices, everyone will win.

As employers they personify high ethical standards and have built a business based on trust and respect among their management and employee teams.  They consistently work with their managers on 1-3-5 years professional and personal goals, hoping eventually to position some of their managers to achieve the same level of entrepreneurship that they have been able to achieve.

Join us May 31 to learn more about Jay’s success and how his motivating leadership style has taken his business to the next level.

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Date: Wednesday, May 31st
Location: Austin's American Grill- Harmony Rd.

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