Envision Professional Development

“Leadership Traits I Learned While Becoming Half The Man I Used to Be…”

This presentation is a combination of leadership traits Clint Skutchan learned as a cancer survivor and lessons learned as an association executive remaking an association during a time of duress.

The two experiences allow Clint to share a balanced mix of philosophical and practicum based approaches that can be applied by those serving in leadership capacities.

During this presentation Clint will share how his experience as a teenage cancer survivor taught him how to be an effective leader as a young professional and how those same traits can be applied by others.

As this presentation is meant to be Inspircational, equal parts inspiration and educational, Clint’s story allows him to focus on the basic elements of effective leadership such as; overcoming unexpected challenges, the importance vision & processes, learning to effectively bounce back, and the power of a positive mindset.

Attendees will be challenged with task sheets to self-identify these same traits in themselves based on their own experiences and then apply those traits in various leadership roles.

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Date: Wednesday, August 5th
Time: 11:30-1:00pm
Location: Fort Collins Chamber, 225. S Meldrum St

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