Envision Professional Development: Meet the CEO

Envision Young Professional Development
“Meet the CEO”
Featuring Peter Melby, Greystone Technology
May 25, 2016  5:00-6:00pm

Peter’s career here began before Greystone existed (and even before he had a drivers license) when he hopped the back fence at his parents’ house, walked to his first and only ever job interview, and landed a support outsourcing job as a high school student. Peter’s mission at Greystone is to lead the rally against the traditional service structure in the name of providing deeper impact in any way possible.  Join us May 25th to learn more about Peter’s journey and the history of Greystone.

Special Thanks to our 2016 Meet the CEO Sponsor

Special Thanks to our 2016 Envision Program Sponsor


Date: Wednesday, May 25th

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