Coming Through Ft. Collins – Historic Lakota 400 Mile Horse Back Ride Golden, CO to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD

Tribal members of the Lakota people from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota) will be riding horses and walking along with friends and supporters 400 miles from Golden, Colorado to the reservation. Some tribal members will be clad in their traditional native attire and are descendants of some of histories best known Native chiefs and elders, including descendants of Crazy Horse, Red Cloud and others. The 400 mile horseback ride is a piece of living history. The ride will take approximately 22 days and will go through Ft. Collins on Day 6 (July 27) of the ride.
You can be a part of history and join in the walk/ride for one mile or all 400. Those interested in participating may go to and learn more. It’s not too late to join the ride either in Golden or in locations along the way.

Date: Thursday, July 27th
Company: The Tipi Raisers/Ti Ikciya Pa Slata Pi
Location: Ft. Collins

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