Business Owner’s Roundtable – Fort Collins, Oct 1 – Free Event

The Alternative Board event provides shared business owner wisdom for increasing your bottom line success. Join us to learn more.
The Fort Collins Business Owner Roundtable offers local business owners the opportunity to discuss and strategize about the unique challenges and issues they confront on a daily basis like attracting, hiring and keeping employees, digital marketing for new prospects or developing additional revenue from current and past customers.
At this meeting you will have hear from your fellow business owners while providing your perspective as we brainstorm solutions. All topics discussed will be confidential, with all participants signing a non-disclosure agreement. Facilitated by The Alternative Board, the event is by invitation only.
This is a free event.

Date: Friday, October 1st
Time: 10am - noon
Location: 225 South Meldrum Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80521

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