Collaboration Flying High

Your Fort Collins Area Chamber has been a key advocate for collaborative Regional Transformational projects,  including the Innovation Hub at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport - FNL. It was great to have Congressman Neguse and Governor Polis visit Aims Community College - Aviation Department to learn about this dynamic workforce and economic game changing concept. Building community is about serving as a champion, a catalyst and and convener - something we've been doing on this outstand...

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Curt Richardson: ‘Failure is Just a Change of Plans’

Last Thursday evening, Curt Richardson was honored by BizWest with the Bravo! Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award in a ceremony at the Embassy Suites.

It was a fun evening overall with a Master Class of successful area entrepreneurs answering audience questions, finalists of the Innovation Quotient Awards Innovation Challenge pitching their ideas, then the Bravo! Awards honorees being recognized.

It was all great, but Curt was especially fun to listen to because of his rags to riches s...

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Freakouts in Our Reptilian Brains

What an interesting time we live in. The 24-hour news cycle propelled forward by competing political agendas adds an emotional froth to everyday life. Below all of the contrived angst are significant technological and economic changes that are as confusing as they are profound.

Last week I heard Salim Ismail talk about exponential disruption. Ismail is a former VP of Yahoo! and is now the executive director of Singularity University. Here are some of the notes I captured:

Society is not r...

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Fort Collins on the Nanotechnology Map

Here's an interesting map that shows the urban areas in the U.S. with emerging nanotechnology clusters. Colorado, including Fort Collins, makes a respectable showing. A common definition of nanotechnology is engineering of functional systems at the molecular level. At Colorado State University nanotechnology can be illustrated with battery research being done by Amy Prieto, founder of Prieto Battery....

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Innovation Alive and Well in Fort Collins

Colorado State University Ventures held its annual Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony & Reception on Wednesday evening. To show my geek-envy, I refer to it as a "nerdapalooza."

The evening was filled with remarkably brainy people being handed their patent plaques for technology they had developed and gotten patented.

Everybody loves the idea of "growing our own companies" and is charmed by "technology transfer." They're nice concepts but moving research from someone's computer or lab ...

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