Free Enterprise

Your Breakfast Courtesy of Self-interested Strangers

A semi-frequent topic for me in this space is the importance of business and free enterprise. As a student of economic systems and of history, it’s clear to me that some economic philosophies and systems are superior to others, while acknowledging that no economic system is perfect.

I’m on this topic again because of the recent polls indicating a small majority of young adults would prefer to live under socialism than capitalism. That sentiment is even being espoused by some newly elected...

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Demographer: Big Changes Coming to Northern Colorado

Colorado has a wonderful State Demographer by the name of Elizabeth Garner. Every time I hear her present, I learn something. So it was recently during her presentation at a regional meeting of the Economic Development Council of Colorado at The Ranch.

Among the nuggets gleaned from her presentation are these:

Colorado’s population is 5,540,500.
Colorado ranks 7th fastest in population growth at 1.7 percent behind UT, NV, ID, FL, WA, OR, respectively.
Colorado ranks 8th in absolu...

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Long Live Capitalism…and Baseball

If you’ve followed this blog over the years or interacted with me you know I’m an unapologetic advocate of free market capitalism. My predilection is based on a long-term study of history and at least some basic understanding of human nature. While acknowledging the inequities and excesses of capitalism, nothing works better at mobilizing resources, motivating people, unlocking innovation and meeting individual and societal needs than capitalism.

I also like baseball. And last week the tw...

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Resources for Your Small Business

Should I open a business here or somewhere else? Do I have potential customers in this market? I think I'd like to expand my company but is that a good idea?

Even if you are a seasoned small business owner, your 'gut' will only take you so far. Sometimes there's no substitute for hard data.

A couple of weeks ago the U.S. Census Bureau introduced the Census Business Builder, which is a suite of services that you can customize to generate demographic and economic reports for geographic areas...

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The Moral Case for Capitalism

As a student of history and economics, I've long believed that capitalism is a much more moral system of human exchange than socialism or communism. Capitalism causes mutually beneficial relations between people. In the process it honors individuals, their talents, their ambitions, their choices and their values. To say that a system based on self-interests and the profit motive is more moral than one where government controls the means of production (through tight regulation or own...

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Free Markets Lift People Out of Poverty

Government serves important purposes, but for some things, like creating economic prosperity, for example, the free market is far superior. As the communist economic model imploded in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and China and India - the world's most populous countries - opened up their markets, the poverty rate around the globe shrank dramatically. In the past 30 years, the percentage of people living on less than the equivalent of $1.25 per day from 52 percent of the world popul...

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America on the Rise

People over 50 will remember the dire predictions in the mid-1980s that the sun was setting on America, eclipsed by an ascendant Japan. We know how that ended, right? The American economy boomed while the Japanese asset price bubble burst, collapsing Japan's economy. The period from 1991 to present is known as the Lost Decades in Japan. Oh, and in its spare time, America played the key role is defeating communism as famously illustrated by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the So...

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A Love Letter to Free Enterprise

"In a free economy, the pursuit of profits and serving people are one and the same. No one argues that the free enterprise system is perfect, but it's the closest we'll come here on Earth."  -- Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics,George Mason University.

Capitalism is a beautiful system of human exchange. Millions, even billions, of strangers spread across the globe, acting in their own self-interest help each other. This daily pursuit of self-interest is na...

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Labor Day? How About Employers Day?

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone. Some people had to work, of course, but many people had Monday off, a traditional 3-day weekend for a last end-of-the-summer fling. (Technically, the last day of summer is September 22, but a manmade construct like the school calendar overrides the autumnal equinox!)

In theory, though most of us were hiking, at the pool or shopping, yesterday was about celebrating "labor,'" in organized labor. Growing up in a railroad union family, I know how important the...

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