Climate Action

CSI Issues New Water Study: We have to do more with less

Originally Published by: Common Sense Institute (CSI) on November 1, 2022

Today, Common Sense Institute (CSI) released a new study, "Adapting Colorado’s Water Systems for a 21st Century Economy and Water Supply" in Fort Collins at an event hosted by the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado and the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce with more than 170 attending. The study is part of a year-long effort to examine the impact of factors that indicate less water in our future including c...

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Collision of Lofty Rhetoric and Everyday Life

It’s always interesting when news media amplified political rhetoric slams up against the practical reality of the lives of everyday people.

The shopworn topic of climate change received renewed interest recently with the promotion of a “Green New Deal” by some newly elected members of Congress. With it came renewed warnings of the apocalypse.

To avert our demise due to climate change, a majority of Americans are willing to pay… $1 a month. That’s according to a News Week story i...

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