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Study: Something Very Good for Your Company

I try not to use this space for self-promotional purposes like hawking Chamber events or glorifying the Chamber. Instead, I like to comment on issues or send you to resources that I think you'll find interesting and useful.

What follows might seem like a departure from that. However, since it's about helping your company be successful, I've relented. You see, it's all about you!

The results of a national survey of 2,000 adults were released last week. It found that being active in a local ...

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4 Great Small Business Resources

At the Chamber we field many questions every day from the public, visitors and businesses on a variety of topics.

For small companies in the greater Fort Collins region, the Chamber can be a great resource.

First, check out the "Small Business Resources" page on the Chamber's Web site. You'll find a "Fort Collins Business Resource Guide," information about starting a business, access to the City's Development Review Center, tax information and more.

Second, ask for guidance from the Ch...

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You’re Part of Something Big

Chamber of commerce is one of the most recognizable names around and one of the most misunderstood. Everybody's heard the term "chamber of commerce" but when you ask people to describe what it is the answers are all over the place. So, what is a chamber of commerce and what is its role in the community?

The short version is that we are vocal champions of the community in general and particularly business.

The concept of business people working with each other out of mutual interest goes ba...

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