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Larimer County Mask Order Ends February 12

The Larimer County Department of Health & Environment (LCDHE) would like us to share with the business community that due to improving COVID-19 conditions they will be announcing that the mask order will expire on February 11, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Such a timeline allows for the Omicron wave to further retreat and gives families, local businesses, and schools time to prepare for the transition. In their press release, health officials are asking residents to be kind and patient in local bus...

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Save the Date: 117th Annual Celebration

Online: Tuesday, February 15, 8:00- 8:30 a.m.
In-Person Event: Wednesday, April 27, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the 117th Annual Celebration, a two-part event that will bring the community together online and in-person to celebrate the success of the Fort Collins Chamber and the business community.

In the spirit of the this year's Building Community theme, the Chamber will:

Part 1: Online

share what was accomplished in 2021

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Data, Data, Data

Your Fort Collins Area Chamber, working with other economic development and business support organizations across the region created a tool to track the economic recovery in Northern Colorado. This valuable resource is a set of indicators that represent critical aspects of the Larimer and Weld County economies, is based on data that is accessible in a useable format and is updated frequently with little lag time. The Economic Tracker lives on our one-stop hub and provides gr...

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Collaboration and preserving our place

Welcome to 2022.  Your Chamber is excited about all the opportunity that lays ahead for business and our community, despite the tremendous sense of loss that we are all experiencing as a result of the Marshall Fire.  I’m giving up my Blog space this week to reprint the tremendous BizWest column by my friend and colleague John Tayer, President and CEO of the Boulder Chamber.  We have offered our support and assistance to John and the other Chamber leaders across the Northwest Chamber Allianc...

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Leadership Northern Colorado Prepares for Graduation

Public and alumni invited to attend presentation on organizational change

The eleventh Leadership Northern Colorado (LNC) class will soon complete their pandemic expanded program and LNC alumni and the public are invited to celebrate the class accomplishments and to learn more about leadership at a breakfast event featuring Josh Packard, executive director of Springtide Research Institute and former sociology professor at the University of Northern Colorado. A talented speaker and writer, Pac...

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Fall, COVID and Mandates 

It’s officially fall and leaves and temperatures are dropping everyday.  Unfortunately, our COVID numbers aren’t following this wonderful fall pattern.  Kevin Unger, President/CEO of UCHealth North Region, noted on Thursday at our Health Care in Your Future Summit that UCHealth is currently caring for 311 COVID-19 cases with 101 of those patients being in the ICU.  This contributes to the 112% ICU utilization that we are facing as a community.

As hospitalization numbers have continued ...

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Advocacy Support for Business

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has long been a business advocate, attending every City Council meeting, standing up on key issues and sharing a pragmatic view point. We make sure you have a seat at the table and a well-versed voice in the conversations that matter most is important.

We are excited that our first Advocacy Newsletter landed in members email boxes yesterday with the intention to keep you updated on issues impacting business, ways to contact your elected officials and ...

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Time to Pause and Reflect

It’s wonderful to have an occasional rainy day in the middle of summer.  As someone who grew up on the eastern plains of Colorado, I always appreciate moisture coming from the sky!  Rainy days inspire me to pause and reflect, even in the hustle of everyday demands.  Below is a catch-all of today’s observations.

Hats off to Chamber member and long-time volunteer Carrie Gillis! Carrie is the Real Estate Manager for a grouping of businesses here in northern Colorado and was inducted int...

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Thank Heaven for Green Thumbs

My sister Robyn and I were inspired to do some yard work over the holiday weekend. We’ve enjoyed visiting the Gardens on Spring Creek and seeing their delightful displays and we’ve been delinquent in moving the truck load of mulch created by City of Fort Collins from the spring storms from our driveway to the yard. Add to that a Saturday free of other commitments, and yard work moves to the top of the to do list.

I’m happy to report that we were successful in moving about a third of the...

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I’ve been thinking a lot about trolls the last three weeks.  And I don’t mean those cute, fuzzy trolls that sing and dance in the movies. I’m talking about the online, anonymous individuals that post intentionally inflammatory, rude, or upsetting statements to elicit strong emotional responses in people or to steer the conversation off-topic.

Unfortunately, we saw a tremendous amount of trolling to push a specific agenda during the 2021 City of Fort Collins elections.  As a self-descr...

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