November 2015 Election

Citizens of Fort Collins have an interesting ballot to consider on November 3. The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has reviewed the local issue on the ballot and offers the following recommendation: The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is supporting Ballot Question 2B:  City-Initiated Question Authorizing the City to Provide Directly, and/or Indirectly with Public and/or Private Sector Partners, High-Speed Internet Services, Telecommunication Services, and/or Cable Television Services within the City of Fort Collins Growth Management Area.

Fort Collins citizens will also have the opportunity to elect five candidates to the Poudre School District School Board.  The Chamber is not endorsing any candidates, but did host candidate interviews and had candidates complete questionnaires that can be viewed here.

Learn more about the Chamber’s position and access other resources below.


City of Fort Collins Initiated Question 2B

The Fort Collins City Council placed on the ballot a measured called Questions 2B.  The City has identified the increasing importance of broadband services to the community and have started to develop a Broadband Strategic Plan will help the city to better understand the community’s current and future expectations regarding both residential and business broadband services and how those needs can best be met.  In this strategic analysis, the City will be considering everything from doing nothing all the way to the City providing high speed broadband services for citizen and business purchase.

One of the barriers to fully investigating all options available to the City is Senate Bill 152, passed in 2005, that prohibits local government from having any direct or indirect involvement in providing broadband services.   This ballot measure, in effect, asks citizens to “set-aside” SB 152 at the November 3 special election.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce endorses this measure.

This support is based on the idea that local or home-rule control is preferred in issues of government, especially those issues that are best managed at a municipal or regional level.  Presumably after significant, objective analysis and public input, voters in the future should be asked whether to create a municipal broadband utility.  This support is strictly limited to this ballot issue and in no way endorses the development of a broadband utility at this point in time.

There is no known organized opposition. The group supporting the effort is called Fort Collins Citizens Broadband Committee and more information can be found here:

Poudre School District School Board Election

Five seats on the Poudre School District Board of Education are up to election. Click HERE to see a map of the districts. School board candidates must live within a specific district but are elected at-large.

The candidates for the five district seats include:

Director District A (4-Year Term)
Cathy Kipp
Michael Pruznick

Director District B (4-Year Term)
Nate Donovan

Director District E (2-Year Term)
Carolyn Reed

Director District F (4-Year Term)
Rob Petterson
Gavin Kaszynski

Director District G (4-Year Term)
Susan Gutowsky

The Chamber is not endorsing any candidates, but did host candidate interviews and had candidates complete questionnaires that can be viewed here. District B, E and G interviews and questionnaires were held with the Coloradoan editorial board.


City of Fort Collins

City of Fort Collins Election Information

The Fort Collins Coloradoan

Please note: The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide education, information and analysis of local issues and candidates specifically for its members. The opinions expressed in this website are meant to give Chamber members a perspective that advocates for the business community and the city’s overall quality of life, and to give members insight into the potential impacts of local issues and candidates.