Rental Housing Letter to Council – April 4, 2023

To: Mayor Arndt, Mayor Pro Tem Francis, and Council Members Gutowsky, Pignataro, Canonico, Peel and Ohlson;
Madam Mayor and Members of Council –

Safe, affordable housing is a key determinate of the prosperity of our community. It’s not just something we should aspire to, but to insist upon if we are to achieve a diverse, equitable and inclusive economy in which we can all thrive. The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to this objective.
Tonight, you are considering the implementation and initial funding of a rental registration program that incorporates a mandatory inspection process. The stated premise is to assure that all renters are provided a home that meets current health and safety standards as defined within the international property maintenance code. On the surface, this would appear to be wholly aligned with our expectations. However, there are significant deficiencies inherent to each of the three options presented this evening.

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Source: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce 
April 2023

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