Affordable — at what cost? – Colorado SB23-213 Housing Bill

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is supporting the passage of Colorado SB23-213.  The bill establishes a state and local government framework for assessing statewide housing needs and creating model codes for the regulation of higher density housing options, transit-oriented areas, key corridors, manufactured housing, and other model housing strategies. Local governments would be required to conduct a housing needs assessment and are prohibited from enforcing certain occupancy limits (ie: U+2) and zoning or master planning that limits higher density housing options (ie:  ADUs, middle housing options).  As well, the bill highlights the impact of efficient and timely processes in the creation of housing products.

We believe that this Land Use Bill will open the door for the creation of a greater supply of housing across income levels, across Colorado.  Many of the key solutions offered in the bill are similar to those that we supported during the Land Development Code conversation in Fort Collins.  While we remain advocates for local control, we believe that we will only be able to move the dial on housing with state-wide solutions that are contained in this proposal.  Additionally, taking bold action to address the housing crisis is a demand that business owners are making with us every day.

Taking a position, outside the work of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA), is unusual for the Fort Collins Area Chamber, but not unprecedented.  NCLA is aware that we will be expressing our support and advocating for the bill passage with minor changes concerning inclusionary zoning requirements.  NCLA has taken a position of monitoring the bill, acknowledging that the individual communities have very differing opinions on this matter.

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Source: BizWest and Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
April 2023 

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