2024 Fort Collins City Council Priorities

After spending the better part of a Saturday poring over ideas and observations, the Fort Collins City Council sketched out a general vision of where our resources will be directed over the coming two years.
Themes that emerged from the retreat and then were reinforced at the February 27 regular meeting included:
  • Developing a master plan for the Hughes Stadium property
  • Accelerating electrification of buildings and our vehicle fleet
  • Removing barriers to active transportation modes
  • Increasing recycling and composting
  • Improving indoor and outdoor air quality
  • More intentional pursuit of economic health strategies while expanding economic opportunity
  • Make government more accessible
  • Reclaim the community moniker of Fort Fun (the local amusement center notwithstanding)
Business must play a critical role in shaping and implementing each of these objectives if we hope to achieve sustainable, long-lasting benefits. Our first order of business is framing each issue in terms of economic viability, followed closely by establishing realistic expectations. Rather than saying “No, that doesn’t work. It will cost too much,” we need to employ our natural instincts of finding solutions that can work within the confines of available resources.
It is important to note that Economic Health made the cut on the priority list with our local Council. This is an important milestone for the business community and one that opens the door for government to work alongside our business leaders to inspire additional economic opportunity for all of our community members.
As greater clarity of Council priorities emerges in the coming months, your Chamber will be pursuing every opportunity to engage in the visioning and implementation process. Your expertise and creativity will be instrumental in this dynamic exercise!
Source: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
February 29, 2024
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