1041 Powers: Letter to Fort Collins City Council (April 2023)

To: Mayor Arndt, Mayor Pro Tem Francis, and Council Members Gutowsky, Pignataro, Canonico, Peel and Ohlson;
Madams Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and Members of Council:

The Fort Collins Chamber has continued to monitor and participate in discussions regarding the City’s intent to create more process for project development by creating a local adaptation of state 1041 regulations.

The Chamber remains gravely concerned by the ongoing effort to institute the far-reaching regulatory powers encompassed under proposed 1041 powers. The rulemaking process has surfaced multi-layered complexities that have ensnared the routine delivery of water and wastewater services across the region. Moreover, the evolving scope and scale of the proposed regulations threaten the economic well-being of business and the very residents of disproportionately impacted communities the regulations are intended to protect.

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Source: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce 
April 28, 2023

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