1041 Letter to Council – March 21, 2023

March 21, 2023


Fort Collins City Council

300 Laporte Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80521


To: Mayor Arndt, Mayor Pro Tem Francis, and Council Members Gutowsky, Pignataro, Canonico, Peel and Ohlson


Madam Mayor and Members of Council:

The Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce is committed to fostering a vibrant, resilient economy that provides equitable opportunity for success.  Not just for our members, but for the benefit of all businesses, their employees, and all those that rely upon the goods and services they provide.  As the leading voice in this space, our vision extends well beyond the city limits of Fort Collins to encompass the entire region.  The business community of Fort Collins prospers as Northern Colorado prospers.

In this context, the Chamber is gravely concerned by the ongoing effort to institute the far-reaching regulatory powers encompassed under proposed 1041 powers.  The rulemaking process has surfaced multi-layered complexities that have ensnared the routine delivery of water and wastewater services across the region.  Moreover, the evolving scope and scale of the proposed regulations threaten the economic well-being of business and the very residents of disproportionately impacted communities the regulations are intended to protect.

A summary of our over-arching concerns are as follows:

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