How will your organization be affected by a local minimum wage? (November 2022 Update)

How Will Your Organization Be Affected By A Local Minimum Wage?

The Fort Collins City Council is continuing the process of establishing a local minimum wage (LMW) that potentially impacts every employer operating within the city.

City Council will consider, on Tuesday, November 15, three options regarding the implementation of LMW..

Option 1: Goal of $19/hour
2023 – $13.65 (estimated Colorado Minimum Wage based on inflation)
2024 – $15.15
2025 – $16.90
2026 – $18.50
2027 ...

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Our Climate Future – Action Roadmap

Beginning with the adoption of a local plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 1999, successive City Councils have expanded, refined and implemented strategies to lower the carbon footprint of our community.  By 2017, the objectives and various strategies were distilled into a comprehensive planning document known as Our Climate Future.  That document puts forward three primary objectives:

Reduce 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 2005 baseline levels
Provide 100% renewable ...

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2023 – 2024 Municipal Budget

At its November 1 meeting, the Fort Collins City Council adopted on first reading the bi-annual budget for 2023 -2024.  Net of internal and inter-governmental transfers, the City has allocated $606.3M for expenditures in 2023.  This compares with $495.7M in 2019, which represents an annual increase of 4.8% excluding $28.1M in federal stimulus proceeds.  Given annual population growth of 1.9% and inflationary pressure that began to manifest in 2021, this increase might appear modest.

But th...

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City of Fort Collins Land Use Code Updates

The City’s Land Use Code (LUC) regulates zoning, building design, and lots more. It was written in 1997 and has been updated regularly to address specific code issues, but it hasn’t really been looked at comprehensively. Fort Collins and our community priorities have grown and changed a LOT since 1997. This year, we are beginning updates to the LUC to make sure it supports our adopted goals and policies in City Plan and the Housing Strategic Plan.

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Fort Collins City Budget October 2022 Update

Going into its 3rd and final City Budget Work Session, the Fort Collins City Council has expressed interest in finding a way to fund 34 budget requests (offers) that were not included in the 2023-2024 City Manager’s Recommended Budget.  For a complete list of the new budget requests and costs go HERE .

The City executive team comprised of the City Manager and her direct reports discussed all available funding options for these new budget requests and determined Increasing the Sales Tax rev...

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1041 Regulations – October 2022 Update

On November 15, the Fort Collins City Council is scheduled to consider adoption of policies that define the regulatory authority the City has assumed over activities of statewide interest.  Known by the State Statute that grants local governments this authority, 1041 Regulations allow the City to subject certain projects to a local evaluation and approval process that would otherwise be considered by other governmental or quasi-governmental entities.  Among those areas identified within the 10...

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Land Development Code – Phase I Update

At its October 18, 2022 Regular Session, the Fort Collins City Council will consider modifications to the City Land Use Code, which defines in great detail how, where and what can be developed within the city.  Under this initial phase, staff will make recommendations to update the utility and readability of the document overall, while proposing significant changes related to residential development.  A second phase will consider modifications to commercial and industrial uses.  The Chamber, ...

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Pago mínimo local – Septiembre 2022

$19 por hora. Tu negocio está listo para absorber este nuevo costo?

En la Sesión de Trabajo más reciente el día 6 de septiembre, el Consejo de la Ciudad de Fort Collins una vez más considero una propuesta ordenanza para establecer el pago mínimo local. Un voto de orden está programado para primera lectura el 15 de noviembre seguida por una segunda lectura el 6 de diciembre. Al ser aprobada, los empleadores serán requeridos de implementar el nuevo sueldo estándar a partir del 1ro de e...

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Una manera efectiva de hacer escuchar tu voz en problemas como miembro de la comunidad es contactando a los miembros de consejo de la ciudad. Esto en muy fácil en Fort Collins. Hay por lo menos cuatro maneras de contactar directamente a un miembro del consejo de la ciudad:

Correo electrónico
En persona con un comentario público en las juntas de consejo de la ciudad
En persona conversando en las sesiones con un miembro del consejo de la ciudad


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Colorado Statewide Ballot Issues – November 8, 2022

The November ballot will include 11 issues that have been cleared by the Office of the Secretary of State.  Of that total, three propose changes to the Colorado Constitution which require a 55% approval rate to become law (denoted as “Amendment”).  The balance of items propose changes to state statute which require a simple majority.  Six items have been placed on the ballot via citizen-initiative and five have been referred by the Colorado Legislature.

Through the Northern Colorado Le...

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