On the whole, things are going quite well in Fort Collins.  The quality of life of our area is the envy of many other communities, and the unemployment rate is relatively low.

In light of growing competition for our community’s jobs, the question is “How do we keep things going our way?” Most of that answer lies with the great businesses and private sector innovators in Fort Collins Unfortunately, the disincentives to operate a business are growing. It’s more important than ever to have people on the City Council that understand and appreciate business and are willing to work on creating a strong and positive business climate.

It’s not just businesspeople who are concerned about the economy and jobs. The top-of-mind issue for Fort Collins residents, according to a recent poll, is the need for more jobs. The poll results can be found here.


The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has made it a priority to support the election of City Council Members who support business and job creation. For the April 2, 2013 City of Fort Collins Election, the Chamber endorses the following candidates for the City Council:
• Mayor, Karen Weitkunat (www.karenweitkunatformayor.com)
• District 1, Butch Stockover (www.votestockover16.com)
• District 3, Gino Campana (www.ginoforcouncil.com)
• District 5, Russ Cunniff (www.rosscunniff.com)

A Call to Action for Our Members

Your direct involvement is important to the election of these quality candidates. Members are encouraged to support these candidates with their time, money and votes. Don’t stop there. Encourage your co-workers and neighbors to support these great candidates.

To support these candidates, visit their Websites to see how you can help their campaigns and send your checks to:

Butch Stockover – District 1
Vote Stockover 16 Committee
1806 Westview Road
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(maximum contribution of $75 per person or entity)

Gino Campana – District 3
Gino for Council
7307 Streamside Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(maximum contribution of $75 per person or entity)

Ross Cunniff – District 5
Ross Cunniff for Council
2267 Clydesdale Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(maximum contribution of $75 per person or entity)

Karen Weitkunat – Mayor
Karen Weitkunat for Mayor
3009 Phoenix Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(maximum contribution of $100 per person or entity)

Other Resources

A video of the 2013 City Council Candidate Forum sponsored by the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, Fort Collins Board of Realtors®, Northern Colorado Commercial REALTORS® Association, North Fort Collins Business Association, Fort Collins Downtown Business Association, and South Fort Collins Business Association featuring the mayoral candidates is available here and the district candidates is available here.

As well, questionnaires completed by the candidates will be posted soon.

Please note: The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide education, information and analysis of local issues and candidates specifically for its members. The opinions expressed in this website are meant to give Chamber members a perspective that advocates for the business community and the city’s overall quality of life, and to give members insight into the potential impacts of local issues and candidates.