2022 Virtual Talent Summit

2022 Virtual Talent Summit
Wednesday, April 6, 2022
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The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, with support from Northern Colorado Prospers, presented the fifth annual Talent Summit on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The event was presented virtually and complimentary admission was courtesy of the 2022 Talent Summit Sponsors.

This year’s theme: Re-Thinking the Way We Work, offered our business community the opportunity to learn about current trends and actionable activities to attain, retain, and develop their workforce. The last two years has changed the world of work, and businesses need support for how to adapt for success in this new environment.

Presentations and Resources

Keynote:  Great Attrition or Great Attraction – The Choice is Yours.
Bonnie Dowling, Associate Partner – McKinsey & Company

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  • Gone for now or gone for good? Shares our learnings from the growing number of people opting out of the workforce entirely – those that aren’t quitting to take another job, but quitting to take a breather. Focused not only on why they are leaving but what you/your clients need to do to get them back, as our research indicates that the length of that breather may be longer than we would like if we don’t take action.


Work-Based Learning
Katherine Keegan, Director of the Office of the Future of Work
An overview of the Office of Future of Work’s efforts to expand registered apprenticeship programs across Colorado

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Sandra Jackam, work-based learning alliance navigator, supporting NoCo Inspire, and the Larimer and Weld Work-Based Learning Alliance
Discussion on how to connect regionally to apprenticeships and other work-based learning partnerships, through regional work-based learning initiatives that collaborate to engage the business community and connect them with valuable talent.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
William B. Henry, Founder, Be Better World, LLC
This session will introduce attendees to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at a high level.  The session will provide key objectives related to D.E.I. and give several tangible tools that participants can take back and apply immediately. Buckle your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a fast and furious walk through a culturally shifting topic.

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Talent 2.0 Steering Committee Update, Upcoming Talent Series – including: Family Friendly Workplace Breakfast and Work-Based Learning Breakfast
Ann Hutchison, President & CEO, Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

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In addition to the 2022 Virtual Talent Summit, the Chamber is launching a Talent Series, to compliment the Summit. This ongoing series will provide more in-depth presentations, hands-on learning, and opportunities to expand knowledge around workforce issuesAdditional details and registration are below.


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